Grāpple® Brand Apples

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is this fruit GMO (gene modified) in anyway?

A) NO! We don’t alter mother nature’s ability to create a wonderful apple. Our process takes place after the fruit has been received in the warehouse.


Q) So how do you make them, then?

A) You can see a detailed video on our site, but in a nutshell, we use the highest quality fruit, and prepare them thru a bathing process with a 100% Food Grade/Safe grape flavor solution (proprietary blend). There are other steps both before & after this, but this is the step which imparts the wonderful Grape flavor blend to our primarily Fuji apples!


Q) Are they still as healthy as a ‘normal’ apple?

A) You bet! Our process does not add one bit of extra sugar, calories, carbs, etc. The apple still maintains its great natural supply of vitamins, minerals, nutrients & fiber. It’s as healthy as if you just picked an apple off a tree.


Q) Should I wash the apple before I eat it?

A) This is a personal preference on how you like to serve & eat fruit in your household. Washing the apple should have no effect on the flavor blend. After our entire process is completed, and the apple is delivered to the store, the flavor is sealed throughout the entire apple, right down to the core!


Q) How many calories are in one of these?

A) The same as any medium apple – around 80.


Q) Why does it say ‘Natural and Artificial Flavor’ ?

A) Our main flavor ingredient is the same synthesized grape flavoring agent used in 100’s of other retail food items. Because it is not feasible for us to ‘crush all of the flavor’ we would need from grapes themselves, we are forced to say ‘Natural and Artificial Flavor’. The grape flavoring is the same that you would get out of Mother Nature’s grapes themselves.


Q) I’m allergic to Grapes – can I eat one of these?

A) Since it is tough to tell if a person is allergic to the physical grape, or the ‘flavor of grape’, it is recommended to talk this over with your physician to determine this.


Q) I’m allergic to Soy or Wheat – can I eat one of these?

A) The protein which demonstrates itself as an allergic reaction to Soy is NOT present in any of our product – nor is there any gluten or wheat based products used in any of our steps.


Q) Where can I find them?

A) They are available at any major store outlet that we can agree to sell this wonderful, healthy snack. While usually in the Produce Section, they are not always found with apples in general (ask them why not !?!), but sometimes with the grapes, or other produce items sold in clam shells. If you don’t see them, please ask your Produce Manager to bring them in – you will not be disappointed!


Q) Speaking of clam shells, why can’t I buy them ‘loose’ like other apples in the market?

A) Even though the apple is not changed, genetically, or altered physically via its characteristics (calories, fiber, etc.), the WSDA (Washington Department of Agriculture) deems our product as ‘processed’, and thus we are required to follow the guidelines of a processed food. This includes sealing the product so it may not be tampered with by consumers before purchase, and kept separate from other ‘loose/bulk’ apples. We chose the clam shell due to its ease in showcasing our product, and protecting it during shipment and transportation to the store and your home.

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