Looks like an apple.
Tastes like a grape.

Grāpple® Brand Apples Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this fruit GMO (genetically modified) in any way?

NO! We don’t interfere with Mother Nature’s ability to create a wonderful apple. Our process takes place after the fruit has been hand-picked from our trees right here in Washington State.

So how do you make them, then?

We start with the freshest Washington Extra Fancy Gala or Fuji apples. These premium apples have been specially selected as they take on the grape flavor best. Using a special patented process we combine concentrated grape flavor with pure water then gently bath the apples in this delicious grape mixture.  There is nothing but food-grade grape flavor being infused into the apples. They take on no extra sugars or calories. Just like a regular apple, Grapple®  brand apples have about 95 calories per medium-sized piece of fruit. For more information, watch this detailed video on our site.

Are they still as healthy as a "normal" apple?

You bet! Our process does not add one bit of extra sugar, calories, or carbohydrates. Grapple®  brand apples still maintain all of the healthy, natural benefits of fresh apples – chocked full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients & fiber. They are as healthy for you as a freshly picked apple right off a tree.

Should I wash my apples before I eat them?

This is a personal preference based on how you like to serve & eat fruit in your household. Washing your apples  does not affect the delicious grape flavor at all. After our entire process is complete, the delicious sweet flavor of Concorde grapes is sealed throughout the entire apple, right down to the core!

How many calories are in one of these?

The same as any medium apple – around 95.

Why does it say "natural and artificial flavor"?

Our main flavor ingredient is the same synthesized grape flavoring agent used in hundreds of other retail food items, like bubble gum, soda and juice, or any other product derived from flavor concentrates as opposed to fresh fruit. Because it is not feasible for us to ‘crush all of the flavor’ we would need from grapes themselves, the FDA requires us to label our product with the tag ‘Natural and Artificial Flavor’.

I'm allergic to grapes. Can I eat one of these?

Since it is tough to tell if a person is allergic to the physical grape, or grape flavoring, it is recommended to talk this over with your physician to determine if you can eat these apples.

I'm allergic to soy or wheat. Can I eat one of these?

The protein which triggers an allergic reaction to soy is NOT present in our product, nor are there any gluten or wheat based products used in any of our production steps.

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