Looks like an apple.
Tastes like a grape.

Grāpple® Brand Apples Making Grāpple® Brand Apples

How Is A Grapple® Brand Apple Made?

We start with the freshest Washington Extra Fancy Gala or Fuji apples. These premium apples have been specially selected as they take on the grape flavor best. Using a special patented process we combine concentrated grape flavor with pure water then gently bathe the apples in this delicious grape mixture. There is nothing but food-grade grape flavor being infused into the apples. They take on no extra sugars or calories. Just like a regular apple, Grapple® brand apples have about 95 calories per medium-sized piece of fruit.

All of the ingredients we use are USDA and FDA approved, and our unique process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Grapple® brand apples are not genetically modified in any way.

For more information, watch a segment hosted by the Food Network on their show “Unwrapped”.

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